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"What a long game." He stretches.

"I kicked your butts that second round too!" Nora grinned.

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Your not really a team until you can all synchronize dance together.

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ϟ:There’s a storm going on and our muses are stuck together in a house- how will this go?

Ren gave a face of displeasure when the thunder and lightning struck, turning to Nora who was sitting on her bed nearby.

"Guess you were right," he muttered, closing his book softly. The lights were flickering, so he doubted he would have light to read by for much longer. He wasn’t much a fan of storms.

Ren allowed Nora to leave, not worrying much about it until some time later. She didn’t come back a moment later begging him to join her, so with a sigh, he set his book down and trudged out of their room. Wherever she’d gone, he figured it would be best to find her and bring her back inside before she got herself sick.

He exited the building, keeping a close eye out for Nora. Not seeing her, he called out her name. It was pouring, which meant that he needed to get Nora back inside before they both caught colds.

Suffice to say, Nora had lost track of time as she danced in the rain, her wild movements taking her further and further away from the main entrance. The fear of being struck by the fierce lightning did not bother the girl in the slightest, and instead left her beaming, smile from ear to ear at every flash.

She twirled, arms stretched out from her, hair and clothing drenched and clinging. Ren’s voice barely reached her over the thunder, and pale eyes looked up to find him in the distance.

"Ren~" she called happily, and zipped over to him, practically leaping at him as she threw her arms around him. "Did you change your mind~?"

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She bit her lip, staring at his hand in conflict before finally looking back up at him. His words, words that usually provided soothing comfort, did nothing to help console the girl. What good was she if all she was good for was putting Ren in danger? If she couldn’t even protect the one person she cared about most?

"But it’s my fault," she whispered, voice cracking as she bowed her head once more. "Whether you like it or not, it is my fault, Ren…” She inhaled shakily, shoulders trembling. “I’m not… if you… I’m not strong enough.”

He shook his head. “You’re the strongest woman I know. You’re probably the strongest person out there— I’d bet Lien on it. Nora, you’re amazing. No matter what happens, you are strong.”

"—And, so am I. Both of us are. That’s why you can’t blame yourself for this. It’s not your fault.” He was willing to argue with her about this for as long as he needed to, as he was positive that the blame didn’t fall on her. He just wanted her to stop feeling so terrible about what had happened.

She continued to avoid his gaze, but at the same time, Nora sighed and leaned forward, resting her head back on the edge of the bed. She knew there was no point in arguing with Ren about this. He just didn’t get it. He would continue to go round and round to try to convince her otherwise, but Nora knew that it was her fault, no matter which way the story was spun.

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☮:An argument I think my muse would have with yours.

"No, Nora, I’m not wearing a dress to the dance."

"—I won’t wear an all-pink suit, either."


How did he do that? Nora could be winning an argument and then Ren would just say two words and reverse the whole thing. He was so irritating with how he refused even playful banter. Grumbling, Nora picked up her pillow, and chucked it at the boy before rolling off her bed and hiding behind it for cover.

Ren’s head tilted, giving way to the pillow thrown directly at it. Amused, he picked up his own pillow and approached Nora’s hiding place. He was as silent as he could possibly be, coming around the bed and suddenly appearing right beside her, pillow in hand. 
"Boo," he said, his voice monotone. He then brought the pillow down on her. 

The pillow hit her square on the head, causing Nora to squeak loudly. She sprang up, lunging for another pillow but at the same time running from her friend with a string of giggles.

"Noooo, you’re too old for a pillow fight! You might break a hip!"

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PSA - Sorry if I don’t do icon RPs. Not that I won’t RP with people using them, I’m just a super lazy tumblr user. I barely tag my reblogs as it is, using icons is just a lot more work than I have motivation to do. xD

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