Your character has got one free pass to ask my character anything, and they must answer truthfully, and afterwards my character will forget the conversation. How does your character use it?



Is reblog karma assumed for ALL ask memes that you reblog? Or will you specifically tag it?


Firstly, Reblog Karma is not strict and a tumblr law. It’s just courtesy.

Secondly, for me to demand it of others is hypocritical. If I REALLY want someone to respond to the meme, I will tag it with “reblog karma” as a sign. But I always reblog a meme in hopes that someone will respond to it and send me things. I don’t reblog it so others can reblog it off of me.

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Time seemed to stand at a complete still as she sat waiting in the chair, the hour dragging on for what she was certain was a lifetime. So when the man approached and told her that Ren was okay, that he was able to take visitors now, climbed to her feet. Knees nearly buckled as she stood, her legs had since long fell asleep, but she straightened herself tiredly.

"Just tell me," she responded, quieter than usual. "I can find my way there."

She barely waited for the room number, and not at all for the instructions before hurrying down the hall, her speed increasing with every step until she was nearly sprinting. She ignored the yells of protest from the faculty, refusing to stop until she was right outside his door. Inhaling sharply, she crossed the threshold, and looked around.


It was a fairly small room, adorned with various medical trinkets both on tables and stuffed in closets. There was a small window in the corner of the room, where there also was the single bed where Ren lay. His eyes were closed, but as soon as he heard Nora’s voice, they shot open, and he turned his head towards her.

"—Nora." His voice was quiet — well, more so than usual. "You’re here." He hadn’t known that the doctors were allowing him visitors. Nonetheless, he was happy that she was there. Seeing her face brought him an immense feeling of relief.
"Come a little closer," he said, gently motioning towards himself. "Are you alright?"

Nora could’ve sworn that her heart stopped in the brief silence before Ren spoke. He looked so… still, more so than even for Ren, so when he turned to look at her, the girl could feel her shoulders sag, even with the weight of the worry gone.

When he beckoned her forward, the girl barely entered the room, lingering near the door as she nodded slowly. “I’m fine,” she tried to laugh, though the attempt was weak and rather pathetic. The forced, tired smile was no better. “But I’m not the one with a hole in their stomach…”

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Leave a “Don’t you dare touch him/her/them!” in my ask and see how my muse reacts in order to protect yours.
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Your muse finds my muse curled up on the bed, crying. Send “Hush” for a 1-35 generated response to why.


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I will be married for x amount of time to the first person who puts “Honey, I’m home.” into my inbox


Send in the amount of time you want and it shall be done.

Have fun~

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Send me a “ღ” for my muses reaction to yours asking them on a date
This is the Hogwarts Express, reblog to get on it.






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Send “Is this a date?” for my character’s response.
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Reblog if you create infinite numbers of stories for your character in your head that never get written or rped
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