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For all of Jaune’s faults please remember


  • When he could have left someone who hated him to die by Ursa he instead stood his ground against something that he was in no way ready to fight.
  • Despite knowing he would have been kicked out of Beacon he wouldn’t harm a friend
  • In the first episode he saw someone was lonely and embarrassed and walked over to offer her a smile and a hand to help her up.
  • He is willing to learn and grow.
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At Dragon*con!

Replies will be slow this weekend.

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Selling Costumes!


So here’s the thing, money is a little tight, and while I am managing to scrape by, it’s just barely enough. After going through my closet, I realized that there are a lot of cosplays that I don’t wear or want to remake in the future, so I am selling them for rather inexpensive.

They are all made to fit a pattern size 18-20 (not to be mistaken with a dress size). Measurements are: Bust - 40-42”   Waist - 32-34”   Hip - 42-44” which makes these great for us ‘fuller’ girls. Costumes do not include wig or shoes unless specified.


Sakura - Tsubasa Reservoir

Price: $40.00
Shipping: $10.00


Toothiana - Rise of the Guardians (Concept)
Headdress and shoes (8.5) included
Price: $50.00
Shipping: $8.00


Dalek - Doctor Who
Mask/Head-piece and belt not included

Price: $30.00
Shipping: $15.00 (it’s bulky to ship)


Prince Soma - Kuroshitsuji

Price: $40.00
Shipping: $12.00


Bolin - The Legend of Korra
Pabu not included

Price: $30.00Shipping: $6.00


Tonks - Halfblood Prince

Price: $30.00Shipping: $6.00


Allen Walker - D.Gray-man
Included but not pictured: Badge, pants

Price: $70.00
Shipping: $8.00


Kaylee - Firefly

Price: $30.00Shipping: $6.00


Soooo yeah, if you guys are interested, or know anyone interested, hit me up. We can talk details - and it you are going to D*C we can talk about free delivery as well!

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Still Never Gonna Come Up With A Witty Title || closed with queen-valkyrie




On pins and needles, she waited for the man to finish with his phone call, leaning forward over the desk anxiously as he spoke. When he finally finished, and turned back to her, Nora felt as though time had slowed down, and that the verdict simply could not come fast enough.


He had said ‘stable’, right? That usually meant good things, except in rare circumstances. As soon she had heard the word, Nora’s shoulders slumped, as though all the tension in her body had just melted away. With a sob that was laced with relief, the ginger sunk to her knees, her shaky legs momentarily unable to support her tiny frame. Forehead against the edge of the desk, Nora sat there for a moment, her mind still racing, but slightly soothed by the news that he would be alright.

Eventually, she did pick herself up, slowly, and stumbled back over to the waiting chairs. “I’ll wait here,” she said, collapsing into one, her body pretty much slumped over the frame. “Thank you..”

The receptionist glanced worriedly over his desk when Nora slumped to her knees. Before he could offer his assistance, she was standing again and walking away. He made sure to keep a careful eye on her, somewhat worried that she might pass out or something.

It was over an hour until he finally got the call from the nurse. As he had requested, she let him know as soon as they had taken the boy — Ren, was it? — to his room.

He stood and approached the girl, a smile on his face. “Your friend’s in a room now, you’re free to go visit him. Want me to take you there, or just tell you where it is?”

Time seemed to stand at a complete still as she sat waiting in the chair, the hour dragging on for what she was certain was a lifetime. So when the man approached and told her that Ren was okay, that he was able to take visitors now, climbed to her feet. Knees nearly buckled as she stood, her legs had since long fell asleep, but she straightened herself tiredly.

"Just tell me," she responded, quieter than usual. "I can find my way there."

She barely waited for the room number, and not at all for the instructions before hurrying down the hall, her speed increasing with every step until she was nearly sprinting. She ignored the yells of protest from the faculty, refusing to stop until she was right outside his door. Inhaling sharply, she crossed the threshold, and looked around.


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We Have Reached The Final Starter. I Think. || closed with queen-valkyrie




"Amazing," she insisted, this time using her unsteady words instead of the scroll, in hopes of conveying just how much she really meant it. Reaching up to tap the tip of his nose fondly, she grinned. "You are."

He couldn’t help but smile at this — it was one thing to get called amazing, but to get called amazing by Nora, whom he considered one of the most amazing people out there, was— well, amazing.

"If you say so." He could argue it with her all day, but there really wasn’t much point. She wouldn’t give up, and he knew it. "You’re amazing too, you know."

"I know," she grinned against his arm, still watching his lips carefully. What an entirely odd pair they were, and how they had made it this far in their friendship despite all of their limitations… well, it was beyond Nora, and the only real explanation she could give was that she and Ren were just way too awesome.

Lazily, she moved back to her scroll, typing out another message for him. “You know what else would be amazing?”

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Red string of fate




Leave “Red String of Fate” in my inbox to see what is in our muse’s destinies then I’ll write some drabble (or starter) based on the number generated.

  • Our muses are destined for each other after one lends the other red scarf for warmth

Winter, as it happened, tended to be cold. Lie Ren knew this, and always dressed for the weather. He found, however, that not everyone kept these same habits.

"Not everyone" referring to a shivering ginger girl wearing short sleeves on a snowy day.

"You look like you could use this," Ren said, as he approached her. He was holding out his red scarf. 


The girl eyed him curiously for one more moment before finally taking the scarf and quickly winding it around her neck and shoulders. Stuffing her hands into the folds, Nora released a happy little sigh, and she nestled further into the warmth.

"Thank you," she hummed contently. "It smells good too!"

"Thank you?" He tilted his head, somewhat confused. The comment was a little weird, but hey. It was a compliment. Either way, he was glad that she had finally accepted the scarf.

"I’m just glad that you have something to keep you warm now.”

Nora giggled, grinning at him, with only her eyes peeking out from above the scarf. “I have stuff to keep me warm,” she countered good-naturedly. “I have my clothes, they just didn’t keep me warm enough. Are you sure your face isn’t cold now?”

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//Well I would be happy to take it off our hands :3 The shoes are not included correct?

((If this is regarding one of the costumes, you are on anon, and it’s hard to reply. Message me off anon?))

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